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4 Easy Steps to Clean Your Deck

4 Easy Steps to Clean Your Deck

What better way to enjoy your outdoor space and the beautiful weather than a relaxing evening on your deck? If you’ve invested time, money and effort into your decking, it makes sense to keep it in the best condition possible. Wooden decks can get weathered over time due to constant exposure to the elements, so you should clean and treat your deck at least once a year to extend its lifespan. Maintaining your decking is fairly easy and cost-effective – you just need a few simple tricks and you’ll have your outdoor space looking clean and impressive. There are 4 easy steps to clean your deck this summer!

  1. Decide your cleaning method

You need to decide whether you’re going to wash your deck by pressure washer or by hand. Washing by hand will involve scrubbing the surface with a bristle push brush and oxygen bleach. This process is effective and cost-saving, but it does take work. A pressure-washer, on the other hand, will make the process much easier and quicker with minimal effort. However, if your deck is made of wood, avoid the pressure washer as even when used correctly it can raise fibers. 

  1. Prepare your cleaning solution

Tipnut have some great DIY deck cleaner recipes, which are less toxic than conventional cleaners and can save you a few bucks. Prepare:

1 gallon water

1 cup powdered laundry detergent (without bleach)

¾ cup oxygen bleach

Mix the ingredients well and pour over the deck surface, then scrub it with a brush or pressure washer. This cleaning recipe is quick and easy, which saves you an unnecessary trip to the store. If you do want to opt for a chemical cleaning product, ones with sodium percarbonate remove dirt and mildew, while those with oxalic acid are good for removing iron stains or rust. Ensure to take the necessary precautions when dealing with these chemicals and follow the correct safety instructions. 

  1. Using a pressure washer

If you decide to use a pressure washer, such as when your deck is concrete, make sure you get to know your equipment and its different settings. Use a lower to mid spray pressure, as too much force can damage or destroy your deck. A 25 to 40-degree nozzle should be effective for removing dirt but usually won’t cause any harm. Prepare your pressure washer by attaching the nozzle to the tip, distribute your cleaning liquid along the deck and then spray, keeping your nozzle at least 6 inches away from the wood grain to prevent damage. Try your settings on a small patch to start.

  1. Rinsing

When using detergent, rinse your deck to remove any cleaner. Your decking should take around 48 hours to dry, so wait a couple of days before you move any furniture back onto the surface.

How do you clean your deck? Do you have any great cleaning recipes that work like magic? We’d love to hear them!


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