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6 Kitchen Trends in 2015

6 Kitchen Trends in 2015

Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or invest in a completely new one, there are a few design trends you may want to keep an eye out for this year. After all, a kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s one area of your house that you probably want to design well. Planning out a kitchen requires a lot of thought and preparation – you need to decide on size, shape, colour, lay out and of course all the finishing touches such as handles and furniture.

If you’re looking to invest in a new kitchen design but you’re unsure which stylistic direction to follow, here are 6 kitchen trends in 2015 that you may enjoy.

Bold Colours

2015 is the year of bold, bright kitchens. Add pops of colour in your accessories, kitchen furnishings or if you want to go completely bold, paint your cabinets a strong red, purple or blue for the maximum effect! When choosing, make sure it’s a colour that you really love, as it will definitely be a focal point in the room for a long time. If you don’t want something as bold, opt for a muted grey or champagne for a classy yet stylish look.

Greenhouse Inspiration

There’s nothing nicer than a bright, open space with lots of natural light and a fresh feel. Kitchens are the one area of your home where light is a necessity –when you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen it’s nice to have a bright environment. Invest in a greenhouse-inspired kitchen with big windows and streaming light, and if you really want to feel closer to the outdoors, opt for folding or sliding doors to extend your kitchen space into your garden.

Painted Glass Back Splash

Painted Glass back splashes (or painted backsplash as they are also known) are one way of getting a look with some colour that gives a cleaner appearance than tile. Allied Glass installs painted backsplashes for kitchens – it’s part of our glass services. Add some under cabinet led lights. They are energy efficient, cast light on the counter and accentuate the look of a glass back splash, casting a rich colourful glow.

Industrial Fixtures

Gone are the days of boring accessories. Industrial fixtures are very on trend – think copper, brass, stainless steel and old fashioned light bulbs. Opt for hanging brass light fixtures for something a bit more striking, or for a lighter touch add a gleam of brass or copper details in the form of cabinet handles and facets.


In the age of eco-friendly and sustainable living, it only makes sense for your kitchen to also be efficient. Not only do you save hard earned money by investing in an efficient home, you also help to preserve the environment and the world around you. Invest in sustainable materials for your kitchen, and choose energy-saving light bulbs and appliances to do your bit for the environment.

Smart Kitchens

Current home trends are revolving around smart technology. You can now check who’s coming in and out of your home by checking your mobile phone, and you can even integrate your cooker with your mobile to search for recipes and cooking times so your dish comes out perfectly. Clever, huh? For all of your smart devices, charging stations are also becoming popular. The stations are hidden inside one of your kitchen drawers, so you can eliminate all unwanted wires and clutter but charge up at the same time.


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