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Glass and Eco Home Design Trends in 2015

Glass and Eco Home Design Trends in 2015

Home design trends come and go as the years go by, but there’s one trend (aside from glass) that’s set to make its mark in the industry. Eco home design is quickly emerging as a key trend for 2015, as more homeowners are seeking new ways to preserve the value of their home, reduce energy costs and do their bit for the environment.

Integrated technology is undoubtedly changing the home design world too, as green designs and room features are making for smarter homes with better Energy Star ratings, glass, and lower overall running costs. If you’re looking to revamp your home design in a sustainable way, here are a few eco home design trends to check out in 2015.

Efficient Features

Smart appliances, wood products, low flow faucets, eco-friendly architecture and low energy glass windows are key trends in eco homes of 2015, and are all designed to cut costs and make the home a smarter space. Eco-friendly yet stylish décor such as wood furnishings made from recycled products and candle holders made from wine barrels are growing in popularity. Home designers are now more conscious of seeking materials produced in the local area to support ethical trading, and actively trying to adopt fair-trade products.

Green Roofing

While this hot trend has been around for decades, it has recently caught on and is being featured more and more on both high rises and town houses. Eco friendly roofs are visually appealing and provide a nice retreat from the concrete jungle, particularly in bustling cities. They also help to reduce “urban heat island”, where the city area is significantly warmer than its rural counterparts. Green roofing can reduce energy consumption and increase the number of oxygen producing plants in a small space. Eco roofs can have glass walls so the surrounding neighborhood can be viewed while safety of viewers is maintained.

Tree Houses

Designers are continuing to amaze with intricately designed tree houses with modern features and stunning living spaces. Since tree houses use salvaged or recycled materials and become a part of the natural landscape, they’re incredibly eco-friendly and reduce the carbon footprint and emissions. Some of the more eco-savvy tree houses even contain provisions to recycle water, and have solar panels on the roof to cut emissions. And any good treehouse has glass windows through which to view the other trees and garden.

There are so many options when it comes to environmentally responsible home design choices. Going green with home appliances, materials and energy choices not only retains the value of the property, but also helps to preserve the environment and promote sustainability for the future. Call Allied Glass to install custom windows and glass walls and railings, and your eco friendly home is complete.

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