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Soundproof windows: what are they and why install them?

Soundproof windows: what are they and why install them?

Is your home or office near an airport, railroad or busy highway? Do you lie awake at night listening to the unrelenting whoosh of cars zooming down the autoroute or question whether a train is rattling through your kitchen? If noise pollution is having a serious impact on your quality of life, then you should consider installing soundproof windows—it might just be the best decision you’ll ever make!

You can trust Victoria, BC’s best residential and commercial glass company to have the solution to your ear-splitting problem. Allied Glass offers customized soundproof windows that reduce outside noise by up to 70 per cent, helping you find peace in your living arrangements again.

What are soundproof windows?

Windows are the greatest conductor of noise in a building. Noise is transmitted through your windows due to air leakage and vibrating glass. Sound reduction is achieved through density and space. Allied Glass ensures that your window system has minimal air infiltration, possesses an insulating air cavity and has enough weight to limit acoustic vibration. We do not remove or replace your existing windows, but rather install a second, thicker window on the inside to eliminate vibration and allow for zero air leakage.

What are the pros? 

Sound pollution is an irritating occurrence that can have an adverse effect on your comfort, property value and overall health. Allied Glass is committed to helping you love your BC home with state-of-the-art home improvement solutions. Our soundproof windows will cancel those intrusive noises that keep you up at night and interfere with your concentration. More than just a noise barrier, our soundproof windows insulate, stop drafts and conform to the look of your interior with custom coloured frames. What’s more, only basic installation, replacement and glass repair is needed. With a life expectancy of more than 100 years, there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank.

With a proven track record of helping customers take care of their glass needs since 1960, Allied Glass is your go-to for residential or commercial glass installation in Victoria, BC. Our top-notch experts will ensure a quick and efficient installation, and are on-hand 24/7 for emergency glass repair.

If you’re tired of enduring wailing police sirens, clattering trains and incessant construction, contact us today to request a quote! We can help you sleep soundly again, increase your productivity and lower stress-related blood pressure with our quality soundproof window systems.

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