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How to Clean Glass

How to Clean Glass

How to Clean Glass
So you have a new glass shower, or balcony enclosure, or windows. One smudge can mess them up. There is a right way to clean your glass, so here are a few tips.
Start the glass cleaning process by filling a bucket with room temperature water (cold water will be hard to work with and hot water evaporates). Add a few squirts of vinegar into the water and mix. For dirtier glass, squirt the vinegar onto a duster/sponge. Avoid using paper towels because they tend to leave little bits of lint on the glass.
Using the vinegar water and the cloth, wash the glass, using enough pressure to loosen all the dirt. Scrub off any stubborn marks using either a scraper or a squeegee. Move the blade only in the forward direction, not backwards and not back and forth as that might scratch the glass.
Next, to remove the dirt and water, a squeegee can be your shower’s best friend. Holding the squeegee at a 45 degree angle, and keeping a constant pressure that is enough to wipe off the water but not so hard as to get sticky, start at the top left corner. Pull the squeegee down the glass, ensuring you wipe right to the glass edges.
Using a squeegee the best way might take some practice.
Some water might get left at the glass edge. It is okay to wipe it off using a micro-fibre cloth so you don’t leave bits of towel on the glass. You might want to then use a towel to wipe the bottom of a window sill or shower door, because that part tends to be dirtier than the rest of the glass.

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