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The Allure of Sunrooms

The Allure of Sunrooms

Sunrooms are architectural marvels that brighten an area of your home at the right place, with the right ambience. While some of us may love the rugged appeal of the outdoors – the wind on your face, the mud on your shoes, the smell of newly-cut grass, and the flora and fauna alive and vibrant, the elements in their wildest glory can be, well, wild. Seasons change, temperatures fluctuate, and we never quite know just when a bunch of bees might decide to buzz over our head while we’re sitting on the patio. 

And while we love the sun warming our skin and enjoy the first fall of snow falling on our cheeks, there are those moments when the beautiful outdoors are made even more beautiful. Such as when they are like a painted picture you look at from a sunroom in a quiet, comfortable corner of your house. Those views from a sunroom of the lake over one’s summer house or the first bloom of spring over the garden are the priceless moments that a family can share in that quiet corner.  

With cool stone floors, tall glass windows, and its arched ceiling with slivers of sunlight coming in, a sunroom is a virtual haven that remains unchanging. Custom-designed sunrooms can add the perfect feature to the home: making family gatherings a unique experience. Think: a Renoir painting of cosy luncheons in all seasons. That is the beauty of a sunroom where mornings are spent with Dad perusing the sports page with a fresh cup of coffee, Mom sipping her favorite tea with her friends and the kids playing their favorite puzzle games. 

The weather outside might be frightful, but inside your very own sunroom the fire cracks merrily in the chimney, the teapot whistles in the kitchen, and everyone snuggles into their knitted socks to drink hot cups of eggnog. With the perfect sunroom, air leaks and extreme temperature drops are solidly controlled by an efficient system so that when summer rings in, you simply flip your hair and say, “What overheating?” When built with the right design, all-season sunrooms can be the go-to place for rest and relaxation.




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