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What Kind of Glass Can You Use for That Front Door?

What Kind of Glass Can You Use for That Front Door?

Your front door sets the tone for your entire home: it creates the first and the last impression; it shields your home from the outside world; and it has to be safe, made of an intriguing material, as well as be aesthetically pleasing. That’s a lot to ask of door, even a front door but making that splash may be as easy as the type of glass your choose.

Allied Glass and Aluminum Products has served the homes and businesses of beautiful Victoria BC since 1960 through a combination of top quality workmanship and products, expertise, and personalized customer service. Whether it’s custom glass, or glass repair Allied Glass and Aluminum Products’ trained, red seal certified glaziers and experienced journeymen give every job personalized attention and care.

Front doors come in different materials and styles for almost any kind of aesthetic preference, including custom designs. They commonly come in single or double doors, and no matter what style of door you have, you can add glass to it and around it (sidelights and transoms). Some doors can consist almost completely of glass, while some others may have just a single panel or a series of glass tiles. Glass also offers a tremendous amount of options.

Clear Glass is what most of us know best with a thickness that varies from 2.5 to 7.5 mm. This type of glass is used as a decorative element for doors made of more solid materials.

Textured Glass comes in several varieties that allows you to keep the inside of your home private while also featuring a stylish design on your front door:

  • Frosted Glass is made by breaking up of the polished surface by a sand blaster and is used to reduce heat and glare while providing cloudy dull finish.
  • Pinhead or Perforated Glass is made when holes are pressed into sheet or plate glass with the help of roller to produce diffusion.
  • Processed Glass is available as ground glass, chipped one process and chipped two process glasses and is used for providing privacy because they scatter/diffuse light.
  • Prism Glass has prism shaped ribs which reflect light at different angles.

Insulated Glass is made by closely sealing together two or more sheets of glass and inserting 6-12 mm of dry air in between to prevent heat loss during winter while letting in some of the light.

Stained Glass is actually a combination of glass and lead where different colors and size pieces of glass that are secured together with copper foil during the assembly process to create an image or pattern. It is made by adding oxides of metals to molten glass.

Toughened Glass has broad applications in products for buildings, automobiles, glass partitions and doors. This glass has been treated to be more resistant to breakage and to break in a more predictable way when that happens. Two common forms of tempered glass include wire glass with a network of wire embedded in the glass for strengthening, and bullet proof glass that is designed to breaks under the impact but not turn into pieces.

Whatever your glass need, turn to Allied Glass and Aluminum Products for residential and commercial glass installation.  Allied Glass and Aluminum Products is also your go to solution for glass repair in Victoria BC at 250-388-5108, or stop by and visit us at 561 David Street in Victoria.

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