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Where should you install a skylight and why?

Where should you install a skylight and why?

Where should you install a skylight and why?

Many homeowners install breathtaking skylights in their Victoria, BC homes. It’s easy to see why!

When we install a skylight in a customer’s home, one of the first things they notice is the huge impact it has on the beauty and tranquillity of their room. Skylights truly add that “wow-factor.”

When properly selected and installed by a professional glass company in Victoria, BC, such as Allied Glass, an energy-efficient skylight will also help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs too. 

Top 5 places to add a skylight

Some rooms are perfect for skylights. Here are five places to add a skylight for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Family or Recreational Room. These spaces are sought out for the comfort and relaxation they provide, which makes them an ideal space to add a skylight. Bringing the outdoor light inside adds warmth to a room that simply makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book or movie. 
  2. Kitchen. Nobody wants dark kitchen corners where chopping veggies can result in a trip to the hospital. Aside from letting in more light, choosing a ventilated skylight releases warm moist air quickly, clears cooking odors, and allows fresh air to flow into your kitchen.
  3. Master Bedroom. Is there any other room in your home where you spend so much time staring at the ceiling? Skylights offer a far more interesting view than drywall! They’re an excellent way to add serenity to the room. Drift off to sleep while looking at the stars and allow natural light to wake you up slowly as the sky turns blue.
  4. Converted Attic/Loft. Many homeowners convert attics or lofts into usable spaces, often turning them into home offices. The roof is typically low, and the ceiling is within reach, so manually operated skylights, called “roof windows,” are an excellent option in these rooms. In addition to providing daylight and fresh air, roof windows qualify under most building codes as a point for an emergency escape. 
  5. Bathroom. Bathrooms have very moist air which can result in rot, mold, and mildew. A venting skylight is an excellent addition to any bathroom. If you have a tall ceiling where you can’t reach the crank, install an electrical venting skylight. In either case, vented skylights offer better moist air reduction than any bathroom fan on its own.

Contact the experts at Allied Glass

Our experts can help you choose the best skylight styles and sizes to suit the space, the position of your home and your home’s décor. We use glass and custom extruded aluminum to ensure our skylights will endure any weather conditions Victoria, BC, homes are up against. Contact us today to learn more!

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