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Window Trends for 2015

Window Trends for 2015

The right window design can add that extra touch of “magic” to your home. Depending on your current home styling, window décor can really modernize your space or give it the revamp that it needs.  Whether you’re looking for elegant drapes, simple fabrics, or classic shades, here are 5 fabulous window trends for 2015.

Calming colours

This is a popular trend of 2015 that will only continue to evolve in the future. As we’re constantly stimulated with busy lives and technology, atmospheric blues, greys and greens give tranquility and comfort to any room. Opt for soft shades or drapes to add a sense of calmness to your space.

Natural finishes

While many people live in the city, that doesn’t mean they don’t want a touch of nature in their home. Bringing in natural finishes, textures and materials is one great way to incorporate outdoor furnishings into your indoor space. Bamboo or reed blinds combined with muted orange, brown and gold tones give your space a warm, homey feel.

Motorized window treatments

Complex installations and contractors are no longer needed when it comes to motorized window treatments. Advances in technology now mean it’s easier to find battery-powered options, simple fittings and silent functionality. In a step towards achieving tech-savvy homes, you can also control your window blinds and drapes from your mobile phone app!

Romantic designs

Watercolour effects, floral detailing and pastel pallets definitely rule summer window trends. This stunning look that combines both vintage and romance gives a fresh perspective on an ageless design. Floral patterns give a hand-crafted feel along with a fresh, artisan-style look. To make this modern romance design match the seasons throughout the year, opt for floral motifs against ink blues, teals and dark backgrounds.

Metallic elegance

While metallic finishes have been used in the kitchen and bathroom for many years, silver, bronze, gold and copper hues are making it into the window décor scene. Metallic tones work nicely with so many different home styles, either modern or traditional. Some are dust resistant. Metallic finishings work well in blinds, furnishings or woven into drape designs.



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