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Victoria’s Source for Beautiful & Professional Glass


Allied Glass has been providing qualified glass installations along with residential and commercial glass repairs in Victoria, BC for the past 50 years. We have top-notch experts for every possible job, big or small, and we consistently deliver personalized care and attention. Whether we’re managing your new custom glass railings, custom skylights or commercial glass repairs, our trained, Red Seal-certified glaziers and journeymen bring a unique mix of skills and specialties that give us a leg up on any job! At Allied Glass, we take pride in what we do, and we do it well!
Residential Glass
No matter its application, professionally installed glass offers a timeless look. Glass’ versatility, functionality and durability make it commonplace in many homes; let yours stand apart! With products and installation from Allied Glass, your latest addition will bolster the style of your living space and boost the value of your entire property.
Commercial Glass
Improve the curb appeal of your business by employing beautiful products and precision craftsmanship. Whether you desire new glass for your storefront, replacement mirrors along your studio wall or a sleek and modern serving counter at your bistro, our staff can enhance your presentation and the overall décor. For custom solutions and emergency glass repair in Victoria, BC, Allied Glass is the team to call.
Open up the feel of any space by letting in more natural light. Regardless of the style of roof you may have, our custom-installed products are energy efficient and adaptable to your needs. Do you require access to the roof? Are you concerned about leakage? From flashing repairs to venting options, we offer a range of practical solutions! Let’s discuss how our work can improve your property’s energy consumption.
Add square footage to your home and make the most of your view with a new solarium, garden room or sun porch from Allied Glass. We offer a variety of sunroom packages to accommodate your preferences. Do you want enhanced climate control? Are you creating a new dining area or living room? We can incorporate all of the features you need. Should your current sunroom require repair, we have the parts and expertise to maintain or restore your space.
If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, we invite you to explore the potential value a glass shower enclosure can bring. Make your bathroom a selling feature. Our Red Seal-certified glaziers will help create the spa-like atmosphere you’ve always wanted. From glass repairs to comprehensive makeovers, we have the portfolio and experience you can depend on.
Maintain safety without disrupting your pleasant view. Allied Glass offers a variety of deck and stair railings for you to choose from. Let us help you select the best option for your particular location. With over 50 years spent in the glass business, we understand the nuances involved in providing quick and confident glass installations.
Emergency Service
In the event of a broken window or a shattered pane of glass, you can’t always wait for the next day to deal with the resulting mess. Allied Glass is sympathetic to your situation and understands that there is never a convenient time for bad weather, criminal activity or accidental breakage to occur. Our glass company in Victoria, BC has the staff available to handle any window or glass damage you may incur.
Get in touch with us today with any questions or concerns you may have. Read our blog to learn even more about what we do.